You are not alone, ask away.

Choosing a care solution is not only complicated, but daunting. What we do know is that allowing people to care and support yourself or a family member at home is a big decision that raises lots of questions.

We have compiled a list of the most common questions we get asked that we hope will help with your decisions.

Can Holywell provide a carer that speaks the same language as my mum and can communicate with her?
Holywell specialises in recruiting support staff from all communities and our team includes individuals who speak a range of languages.
How do I contact Holywell in an emergency?
Holywell provides support around the clock, throughout the year. Please phone 01772 930323 (Preston) or 01524 418090 (Morecambe) to speak to a member of staff. After office hours, our on-call staff will answer the phone.
Can Holywell provide me with a regular and mature carer?
Holywell will be pleased to search for a suitable carer for you or your friend or relative, and we always try to match our support staff to each client’s preferences.
Can Holywell provide my Dad with a female Gujarat carer that can make chapattis?
Holywell recruits staff from all ethnic communities to meet each client’s needs and preferences, we always look for carers who would meet stated requirements. We ensure that the carer and client are as compatible as possible on religious, cultural and linguistic grounds and, whenever possible, share the same interests.
What happens if my mother does not seem to get on with a certain carer?
It is not uncommon for people to find at some stage that they do not get along and in these cases, we will always review the carer plan and personnel. Our clients and their families are encouraged to provide feedback on their satisfaction or otherwise with the service that we provide.
How can I be sure my mother’s needs, wishes and preferences are met?
Holywell’s quality assurance system includes client satisfaction surveys, and follow up visits by our team leaders, care coordinators and managers. They check on our staff’s punctuality, compliance with individual clients’ care plans and ‘customer satisfaction'. We have found that our system provides an early warning of potential problems, which can be corrected at an early stage. If errors occur, we take steps to correct deficiencies.
I live quite a long way away from my mother and worry that she might become unwell. Could a carer be arranged at short notice to stay overnight and maybe help her with shopping and domestic chores?
It is always easier to find a carer if we have more advance notice, but Holywell maintains a bank of staff who are usually available at quite short notice to provide a sleep-in service or waking watch. All of Holywell’s carers are capable of providing help with shopping and housekeeping tasks. We can also arrange cleaning services on a more regular basis.

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