Kindness costs nothing but means everything.

For us, it’s about building friendships, creating a sense of belonging and providing the right support to ensure that our clients can continue to enjoy their life and independence at home.

Our priority is to make sure that we create a support package that not only provides support and care but also peace of mind. We take time to listen and understand your needs so that we don’t compromise independence or privacy.

In many instances we find that our services offer a new lease of life – an extra hand for housekeeping, personal care, help with medication and companionship –  reducing worry and creating happiness.

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Finding out about the availability of social care services can be complex and administratively demanding. It is often perceived as a minefield of options and can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the language and processes of social care.

We work hand in hand with all healthcare and social care professionals, so our team is always able to provide useful, impartial advice on the subject and we always provide the information without jargon.

If either yourself or social and healthcare workers think that support is needed, Holywell’s experienced assessors are able to visit you, your relatives or advocates, to conduct an assessment. We assess the circumstances, listen to the client and ask lots of questions in an informative and sensitive way.

The outcome of this assessment allows us to recommend the support needed to allow the client to remain safe and take part in their everyday activities. We repeat assessments at regular intervals so that we can monitor the level of support we provide and ensure it is precisely tailored to changing needs. All assessments are documented and reports are treated confidentially.

Some people require special help due to their special needs or disabilities. Holywell specialises in supporting individuals with a range of disabilities that include acquired brain injury, learning disabilities and physical disabilities – some individuals require nursing care.

Our highly-trained teams are sensitive to these challenges and all are experienced in communicating patiently with people who experience sensory deprivation and those who might be unable to speak, hear or see properly.

The Holywell team provide exceptional care around the clock and work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure that the highest quality nursing care is constantly provided. Find out more here.

Many young people with learning disabilities or special needs face challenges with the transition to adulthood living, whilst at home with their families. As such their parents require support or respite at this stage. Holywell Care Services assist children with going to school or college, afternoon activities or any other business required by the families and commissioned by Social Services.

We work closely with the client and their families providing the support and assistance to actively develop the skills they will need to live fulfilling and independent lives in the community.

Our teams are highly-qualified and experienced in supporting young people who are in transition towards independent living. Our services are tailored to each client and their family. We encourage, support and monitor their progress until they are confident with the transition.

There are times when a carer needs to have a break from their caring responsibilities. This often means that someone who is cared for at home requires temporary placement in a respite facility when there is no alternative stand-in for the main carer.

Holywell Bridgeway provides a short-term respite care facility, where the person requiring care can be easily and comfortably accommodated whilst still receiving their usual care and support.

Concerns over upheaval are minimal and we have found that it can be an overwhelmingly positive experience – a different routine, a change of scenery, new people to talk to and socialise with and new activities.

The first step to the provision of respite care is an assessment of the needs of the individual who might be placed at the home.

We understand that some people are reluctant to have ‘strangers’ visit them at home, therefore at Holywell do our best to ensure that you are supported by the same staff team all of the time allowing you to build trust and even friendship. They can assist you with daily tasks as required – with bathing, dressing, eating, and cooking. With time and permission, you will feel able to trust your carer who will be discreet and sensitive to your needs when supporting you in private matters such as when you manage your finances and do your personal shopping – as arranged with you in your package of care.

As well as the everyday tasks we can support with other needs such as such as planning day trips, college courses, attending church services, going out for leisure activities or going out in the evening – again, as arranged with you.

If you need to move into a Holywell Residential care home, usually, you will visit the home to meet the people you will live with and the staff and members of the care team that will support you.

The home must have some rules to make sure that everyone is safe and can live comfortably but it is your home, so we want to make sure that you feel safe, secure and happy. You will have your own bedroom and can enjoy visits from friends and relatives at any time. You might share some rooms, such as bathrooms, dining room and lounges with other people in the home.

There are lots of opportunities for taking part in activities and a social life in your new surroundings. We will work with you, your family, social services and your advocates to develop your care plan and we will have regular meetings with you to make sure that you are happy with your life in your new home.

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