About Us

“Care is at the heart
of everything we do”

Holywell Care Group provides professional care services to clients throughout the northwest of England, primarily local authority commissioners and private clients seeking the highest standards of personal care. We offer tailored care solutions to people of all ages who experience a wide range of issues including specialist dementia care, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour and a variety of complex and special needs.
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Holywell care services can be accessed via our residential care homes, Holywell West End, located in Morecambe and Holywell Bridgeway, located in Preston. Additionally, via Holywell Homecare, we provide a domicillary care service offering the highest standards of care and supported living services to people living in their own homes. Our values are based on delivering the highest standards of care to everyone connected to our company. Holywell clients are always treated with respect and dignity. We never fail to remember that each of our clients is an individual person with pride, self-respect and feelings. We don’t subscribe to the shortsighted belief that one solution will suit everyone. This ethos extends to their families, friends, carers and support teams who are involved in every aspect of the care plans designed for those close to them. We passionately believe in maintaining the highest standards of care within our own teams. Holywell selects only the very best people to deliver our care - in fact, one of our guiding principles when recruiting is to ask, “do you feel you were born to care for people?”. We then train, motivate and empower our team members to be the best carers they can be, not just at the start of their employment with us, but for the entire journey. This approach extends to the newest part of the group, Holywell Recruitment, which has been established to recruit staff, not only for the Holywell Care Group, but to supply carefully selected professionals to the wider social and healthcare sector. Holywell Recruitment is proud of our deep understanding of the needs of the national care sector and our ability to supply it with motivated, skilled care professionals.

Why choose Holywell?

“Holywell always delivers exceptional care”
HolywellCare Group is accredited by a number of care sector bodies whose role is to uphold and maintain the highest standards of care, compliance and customer service within our Sector. At Holywell we work hard to consistently maintain and deliver these high standards at all times.

“At Holywell, we are always open, transparent and accountable”

1What is a complaint?
Holywell has a straightforward complaints procedure. We want always to improve the service we provide to the people who use our services, so it is important that anything that you are concerned about, dissatisfied with, or problems you have, or things that you are worried about are brought to the attention of the staff. We want to make sure that all matters, however slight, which concern Holywell’s services are brought to the attention of the staff. During regular assessments and reviews with you, our client, we will remind you about Holywell’s complaints policy and procedure. The staff of Holywell Care Group will always encourage you to speak freely about your concerns, fears and views. If you require an advocate, we will arrange for one to support you to make your views clear.
2How to Complain
You can complain to any member of staff and they will bring your complaints to the attention of the manager or the responsible individual. Many complaints can probably be resolved quickly and easily. All complaints will be recorded in writing even if they are easily resolved. Any concerns that you, your family or friends might have, can be brought to the attention of the management of Holywell either in face to face discussions or in writing. If you write to us, you will get a written response within five working days. We will give you a written response to verbal complaints if you ask for one when you make the complaint.
3What happens to a complaint?
The member of staff receiving a complaint will record it in an incident book - together with a brief report of any action taken - in an incident book and bring it to the attention of the manager as soon as possible.

If you wish to complain directly to the registration authority, this should be done by telephone or in writing to:

Tel: 03000 61 61 61
Email: enquiries@cqc.org.uk

Further complaints

If you remain aggrieved even after the registration authorities’ investigation of your complaint, you can complain further to the local ombudsman. The address is:

The Local Government Ombudsman
P O Box 4771, Coventry, CV4 0EH
Tel: 03000610614
Text ‘call back’ 0762 481 1595