Residential Home 1

"Holywell is my home,
I love living here”

Living in one of Holywell’s residential homes is an uplifting experience. Our people-centred care plans are tailored to the individual so they can be as independent as they wish, safe in the knowledge that they have all their needs covered at all times. Additionally, there is a real sense of a community in each of our homes, where residents can engage in a wealth of stimulating activities or simply relax in the company of friends and carers..
“Why is living at a Holywell
residential care home
so different?

Quite simply, it is the fact that care is at the heart of every thing we do. You can see it everywhere you look – in the faces of our residents, in the passion and dedication of every single member of our care teams, and you can see it in the confidence and reassurance experienced by relatives. Discover the difference yourself. Our video gives an overview of the way we care at Holywell. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit where you can experience Holywell for yourself.

Do you know you can experience the same high standard
of Holywell care in your own home?

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