Live in Care

live-in care
tailored for you in
your own home

Holywell Care Group can provide
your tailored care plan at home in one of two options.

Holywell Live-in Care

This is when our carers live in your home alongside you so they can deliver the personalised care you need. It is the same level of care you would receive in a residential care home but with the advantage of the familiarity and convenience of staying at home. You can view Live-in Care like having a nanny or au-pair!

Holywell Home Care

This is the more traditional way to deliver care at home. Our carers visit you at your home on a regular schedule to look after you but they do not live with you. Find out more about Holywell Homecare by clicking here

The benefits of choosing Holywell Live-in care

Long-term residential care is not for everyone. Most people want to remain in their own home and the Holywell Live-in care service gives you this flexibility to do so. The benefits of choosing Holywell Live-in care services include:

•Personalised care available on a short or long-term basis, often at very short notice

•Continue to enjoy your lifestyle at home

•Have costs that compare to care homes

•Provide personal, one-to-one care giving you greater flexibility

•Ensure that you receive continuous care from a regular small team of support staff who are matched to your needs

•You are in familiar surroundings with familiar people

•Highly suited to families and couples where there is more than one person who requires personalised care

“My wife was bedbound
and needed full personal care.
The “girls’ looked after her as though they were looking after their own parent which I will be eternally grateful for.” Geoff A

How does Live-in care work?

Your personal needs dictate the type of support you require.
After careful assessment with our team, your support package could include one or more of the following services:

• Personal care in your own home

•Support to stay involved with activities in your community

•Helping you with shopping and collecting your medicines

•Respite services

•Support for young people in transition

•Supporting children living at home

•Nursing care

•Support for people who have learning disabilities in supported living or living with their family

•Friendship services

Live-in care is all about putting your needs first

For many people, Live-in care is the perfect solution to their care needs. Because you receive your care in your own home, Live-in care puts your comfort and wellbeing at the heart of your care plan. With a small number of staff to support you, you can develop stronger relationships, which promotes a higher quality of care you can trust and believe in.

Here is an example of a typical staff rota demonstrating how your care team will be scheduled ensuring your peace of mind.

At Holywell, we consistently deliver high standards

Holywell invests in people – our clients and our staff
Through Holywell’s careful selection of staff, our in-service training programme and our culture of learning to continually improve our service, we aim to provide support that meets the needs of each of our clients.

Funding your care
Means testing refers to the local authority’s assessment of a person’s finances and assets. The result determines how much you should contribute towards your care costs. Someone who is eligible for care who has between £14,250 and £23,250 in capital and savings can expect the council to contribute towards their care costs. A person with capital and savings above £23,250 will have to fund all their own social care. If you require further advice about funding, please do not hesitate to ask our team.

Holywell complies with the Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board in ensuring that “…citizens who are at risk of harm are assisted to be safe …”. If family members, friends or people interested in a client’s wellbeing, have any concerns regarding Holywell staff supporting you, please do not hesitate to bring your concerns to the attention of the Holywell Manager. You can also contact CQC, our regulatory body, Lancashire County Council Safeguarding team or the police.

care is at the heart of everything we do

Our primary concern puts care at the heart of everything we do, so that our clients - your loved ones - are in the safest of hands and that their dignity is assured.

Our domiciliary care service offers the highest standards of care and supported living services to people living in their own homes. Our values are based on delivering the highest standards of care to everyone connected to our company. Holywell clients are always treated with respect and dignity. We always regard each of our clients as an individual person with pride, self-respect and feelings. We don’t subscribe to the shortsighted belief that one solution suits everyone.

We provide domiciliary care and support in the Morecambe and Preston areas.
Our live-in-care is provided throughout the UK.

For more information, please contact our friendly dedicated staff at our offices in Preston or Morecambe.
You can also call us on 01772 930323 or 01524 418090, or send an email from here