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creating a future
to believe in
through positive,
transitional care

it’s at the heart of
everything we do

We’re part of the Holywell
Care Group
- care is at the
heart of everything we do

As young people between the ages of 16- 18 undergo the transition from a structured care plan to a more independent life, we believe in equipping every individual with a bespoke support framework, empowering them to realise and fulfil their potential to be the very best person they can be.
The Holywell Transition Care Team is perfectly positioned to deliver “personcentred” care tailored to the specific needs

of each individual so they feel supported, motivated and empowered to achieve their life goals in a structured and inspiring environment.
Holywell’s holistic approach addresses our young people’s needs on a practical, social, mental and physical wellbeing basis to prepare them for a fulfilling and independent future.

  we provide
  therapy and
  support for
  young people

Our care is second to none; we work with support
professionals who have the experience and expertise to fully
engage with this vulnerable group of individuals. Private
therapy support can be provided and is paid for separately
as an extra cost which will be agreed with commissioners
or private funders initially. We understand their problems,
quickly establishing the trust and empathy required to build
a foundation for their future development.

This tested programme is tailored to the needs of our
young people, encouraging a safe and healthy lifestyle,
and building confidence via strategies that include work
placement and employment experience, along with
budgeting and money-management; whilst maintaining
the focus on all other supported living activities and
continued wellbeing.

Person-centred transitional care - our formula for a better future

We have developed a seven-stage formula designed to inspire and motivate our young people to exceed their expectations in the safe and structured surroundings of the Holywell family. It is a progressive, organic process - adaptable and tailored to the specific needs of each individual, offering rewards and validation as continued progress is achieved

It is a tried and tested system which our young people believe in as much as we do. The success of our results speak for themselves.

We believe everyone has the right to a future free from disadvantage

The best start can happen at any time - let’s start right away!

Leaving Children’s Services can be an intimidating prospect so Holywell Transition Team goes the extra mile to reassure both the young people we support and their commissioners that they are in the safest hands right from the outset.

We believe that the future is a positive place for everyone and Holywell can be the trusted guide that gets our next generation off to the very best start on their journey to a better future.
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